By Ivan Larson
bp_ivanlarsonI was 42 years old when I enlisted in the Army. I had less than two weeks training before I was sent overseas. A fellow came to my room at seven o’clock at night. He said, “Get your stuff together, we’re leaving at 5 a.m. in the morning to catch a boat.” That was an awful surprise. I didn’t expect that.

We crossed over in the boat without any trouble. Before we got to England, a destroyer came out and escorted us into port. We landed and they sent me right up to Scotland and put me to work repairing cars and trucks. I spent two years in Scotland and while I was working my ankle got crushed and I passed out. When I woke up I was in the hospital with beds all around me. There were many different stories about how I got hurt but they were hushed up. They wouldn’t tell me the truth about what happened.

While I was in that hospital, apparently asleep, I overheard three Doctors outside my door talking about cutting my leg off. I lay there and thought, “over my dead body!” And they didn’t do it.

I was sent back to Canada and was in a hospital there for quite a while. After I got out they called me in once a year for treatment for the first four or five years. They paid me the same pay as I had overseas while I was in the hospital and also paid the train tickets to and from the hospital.

I have a good idea about what really happend but I can’t prove it.