by Mrs. Lilian Drew

I was born in London, England in 1892. My father was a grocer and we moved around the country, since he managed grocery stores.

In 1910, my parents, sister, younger brother, and myself came out to Canada to visit a cousin in Vernon, B.C. We liked Canada so well that we stayed here.

We did all kinds of odd jobs to make ends meet. Even my ten-year-old brother helped by carrying parcels for the elderly. I did odds and ends of sewing and met quite a few people that way.

Mr. William Drew came along, and following the old-fashioned custom of a year’s engagement, we were married in 1913.

The Drew family came from Somerset, England and most of them were butchers. Will had been apprenticed to a butcher for a year to learn the trade and during that time, made a shilling a week.

This anecdote happened when I was a small girl and we lived in Stoke Newington, London. We lived on a side street there, and my mother used to buy all her meat at a butcher’s shop in Stoke Newington. The butcher’s name was Mr. Drew. Many years went by and I was married to Will and living in Canada when we discovered that my mother had been buying her meat in Stoke Newington and that Mr. Drew, was an uncle of my husband! What an odd coincidence!