by Frank Bostock

What a night to remember! My wife and I were in a night club in Santa Barbara, California. Two minutes before midnight, the building began to shake. All the bottles came falling down, hitting us on the head. Everyone yelled, “Get outside!” We didn’t know what it was all about so we were the last to get out. When we did get out, everyone yelled, “Stand in the middle of the road away from the buildings”. A big bank building cracked all the way down the middle and we could hear the windows crashing all the way down the street. We ran to our car to drive to our cafe in Santa Barbara. The road and car were rolling up and down, just like a roller coaster.

We never had been in an earthquake before and we were scared to death. When we got home, all the dishes were on the floor and we decided to go to bed. When we got into bed the room rocked violently, pushing our bed from one side of the room to the other. So we said, “That’s enough!” We went out and slept in our car all night. What a night to remember!

Photo by Barb Woodley