by Alice Young

Part One
Many years ago there was an influx of cougars, so, before setting out for my local practice at Ganges about six miles away, I asked my husband what I should do if tracked by a cougar. He said, “Keep your normal left, right, left, right, and never vary it. Never attempt to run, or the cougar will run also—with disastrous effects.” I guess that meant chewing me.
I had walked on this very dirty night, about three miles when I heard pat, pat, pat, quite close, and I knew that the cougar had found me.
With my tummy all upside down, I remembered my husband’s advice—“NEVER RUN from a cougar.” Soon however, I heard a fearful splash and I knew the animal was swimming across St. Mary’s Lake and so I felt cheerful and safe.

Part Two
The next day we heard that the farmer on the top of the hill had lost his nearly new purchased five hundred dollar ram to the cougar, who had demolished it.

Bits and Pieces (1981) book Illustration: Influx of Cougars by Debbie Topping, SaltSpring Island student and visiting friend of Greenwoods residents.