Poem Recited by Gertie Ritchie
photo credit: Barb Woodley

Nine little people sat down

to chat,

A very long time ago.

All of them thought the
World was flat,

For somebody told them so.

Each of them thought it would be

A good thing across the edge to go.

So, early one morning

Just in the spring,

They set off all in a row.
Where they have gone to, nobody knows,

But all got hungry and faint,

Jackets all torn,

Shoes out at the toes,

And faces as brown as paint.

Two little children,

Coming from school,

Found the nine under a tree.

Sitting a while, trying to get

Cool, and crying as hard as could be.

“Where are you going to,

Nine little men?

Where, may we ask,

Are you bound?”

“Trying to reach the edge

of the world.”

“But do you not know it is Round?

You had better go home and go to

school. Such work as this

Will not do.”

“You thought the earth flat?

Go sit on a stool, until you can

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